Yearly discount

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 Hello my lovelies,

     How are we??? Knitting away on our March kits so we are all ready for the wonder that is May?!!!! Smile

    Hey I just wanted to give you a heads up that pricing will be go up on June19th. We have not had a price increase in awhile and well things have gone up pretty much across the board.

   Since the discount code deadline for your 20% off is in July I thought you might want to take advantage of the current pricing.

All of the discount code info is in the January Dyer's notes.

Speaking of dyer's notes I am off to finish up this months!

Oh....I almost forgot. If you have any address changes please get them to us so we can make that change before we ship. ~ thanks!



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New badge?

Hey Tina! I know you're busy but are we getting a new badge for 2017?

NSK Discount

I have been trying to use my sock club discount to no avail. Is there a specific procedure we are supposed to go through outlined on your site? What is the discount code we are supposed to use. I am very confused, almost to the point of frustration. Please enlighten me. I was a member years ago but I seem to have forgotten much since then, so consider me a new member.