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Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year NSKs!



Can you keep a secret for a few days??  

We have made Sock Club sign-ups live  just for you, our Notorious Sock Knitters. We thought it would be fun and special to do this before opening up our little club for everyone on Monday.

We are also going to have some fun during sign-ups since this is the year of our favorite things and one of mine is games and contests.

As one of my favorite Doctors (Dr. Seuss) says, "Oh the places you'll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all."
- Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Our sign-up fun and games!

We are going to give out weekly prizes based on sign-up dates until our first shipment.

We are still brainstorming the prizes and such, so check the sock club blog for more details. It will go something like this:

If you sign-up before:
January 6th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 1 lucky NSK to win a free membership. (Yes, we will just reimburse you.)
January 12th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 2 lucky NSKs to win a chance to work with me (depraveDyer) on colorway creation.
January 20th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 3 lucky NSKs to win a one of our lovely colorway travel mugs (depraveDyer)
January 25th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 4 lucky NSKs to win a stunning calendar by our very own Gail Marracci
I know...great fun!

**We humbly ask that you please make sure that when you sign up you are using your Rockin' Sock Club username and password NOT your Blue Moon one.

***If you have a gift certificate, we ask that you wait until Monday when Paula is sitting at her desk to help with those if need be. Since it is the weekend, there is no one at the office to answer the phone, so please email if you need anything and we will get back to you on Monday.

Happiest of New Years to you, our dear Notorious Sock Knitters!

Tina and Team Blue Moon

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Pdf's are up!!

Hello all,

The pdf's are up and we are shipping this week!! It's been kinda nutty here. ( Get it?!)


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Sometimes a great notion...

 You know that place? The one where it all works so very well in your head, perfectly even. Then, you go on your merry way, to implement your great notion and boom, all those pesky details you thought were ironed out and that you can only see while you are reskeining or balling or measuring or knitting, sit up and say, nah, nah...didn't think about me, now did ya? Of course, with a I told you so sassy, snarky attitude.

Well my dearest NSK's without revealing too much (Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Don't worry you'll get all the gory details in the dyer's notes.) this is where we are, a great notion with a kink or two. In my defense, had the machine worked as it should, we would not be here!  We have our "issue" figured out and are now in what we feel is a smooth if painfully slow moving process.

I'm sorry but what this means is we're going to be a weekish late on shipping your packages out of here. We are not going to be shipping out your RSC packages this week but more towards the end of next week.

I figure I have a grace period, of one of these a year, and this one is it! Actually as the knitters who've been in the club for a few years know it is often September. September has some wicked mojo on it for me. One year I fell and hit my head, which made writitng the dyers notes really fun, and one year the yarn had to be sent back and well... you get the drift.

While we are all waiting I will of course be bombing you with hints. I also thought we could play a game. You know how I love games and we've been game shy this year.

So how about a big one with a contest element thrown in?

I've had this plan for a few years now to offer myself as a saleable item. (Don't go there.) Wait for it...  As a colour consultant of sorts. For a fee (undecided as of yet)  I would, after chatting with you and a questionaire or two, design your very own colourway. It would live in our database of colourways and you could order it in any of our bases anytime you felt the need. I love this idea for it's personal aspect and the challenge.  I have yet to manifest it into reality, but really want to

Here's where you and our game/contest come in.

In the comments here you tell me what you'd be if you were a colourway. Be as descriptive as you possibly can. Tell a story, post a picture, a poem... anything you can think of to convey to me what your colour wishes and dreams are. You as hue!!

Are you a orange unicorn with a pond scum horn grazing a field of lavender poppies under violet skies?

What do you like? What don't you like?  Hue are you??

We'll vote right here on the blog for the most descriptive and let's face it entertaining three and I will design those three knitters their very own colourway based on their colour story. Team Blue Moon will probably pick their top ten and then you guys vote from there.

Sound good? That should keep us all busy and happy while we wait for our yarn. You have until October 15th to submit your colour story here in the comments.

PS: Even though this shipment has been a royal pain in the arse, and it really has, I love it.  I love what we're sending you this month so much I feel like a little kid with a big good secret busting at the seams.

A slightly nervous, kinda nauseous, excited little kid.

ok, back off to beat gently persuade a machine into doing my bidding.

PPS: if youhave address changes you need to make in your account and need help please do let us know.

As always thank you for being our Notorious Sock Knitters!

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July shipment has left that building.

 Has it arrived yet?

Just a note without giving too much away: Look closely at your yarn, for all is not as it seems, on excited first glance.

FYI: Information on this shipments contents, as always, is in the dyer's notes.


July 2012 Hint #1

It's July. Almost the end of July actually. How did that happen?   We 're going to be shipping out your packages on Monday so I thought maybe it was time for a few hints. There's so very much to choose from that I was having a bit of a hard time deciding, that is, until... I stumbled across this little piece of cartoon goodness from my childhood.

Oh me, oh my!  Wink

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Hint #2 January 2012

The waves? Can't even ... .

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January 2012 HINT#1

It's that time of year again! Yeah!  I love this game soo much! So... for those of you new to the club this year, I send out hints about a week or so before shipping as to what this shipment is all about. Now, my definition of hint is open to intrepretation which in my opinion is what makes it fun!

It could be a clue ot the colour, design, theme, mood or I could be taking your knitterly hands and leading you down the garden path. Who knows? (That would be me, I know.)

Ready... set, guess!


PS: If you haven't read the colour memories below,make a cup of your fav brew, get cozy and take a minute to do so, they are really quite wonderful. I love seeeing these pop into my inbox everyday. Thank you all for sharing them with me.

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Rockin' the Rainbow in 2012

It’s the end of November (whoa, typing that gave me a spasm) which means all the scheming and planning we’ve been doing for the next sock club year comes to fruition. So exciting!!! 2012 will be our 7th sock club year. I know... 7 whole years, right? I counted, it’s true.
Hard to believe isn’t it?

I know I say this every year, and it probably seems redundant at this point, but I’m truly stunned by this realization. I get older every year, too, so I do know how this year building upon year thing all works. Still.

It seems like just yesterday when we decided to start our little sock club and worried whether anyone would be interested. So, I’m pretty thrilled that seven years later we are still going strong and happy to be notoriously knitting our socks.

We’ve decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by shaking things up a bit in 2012. Remember the Rockin‘ component of the club? Well, you don’t get to be notorious by playing it safe.

A couple of years ago, we started Double the Fun: a two-pattern, two-designer, two-different-outlooks approach to our sock knitting. It’s safe to say we’re all enjoying the dimensions and choices this gives us.

Well, my lovelies, we’re going to build on this theme by having one of the patterns be a sock pattern and the other pattern (you might want to sit down for this, it’s a bit earth-shaking) be a sock-cessary (non-sock) pattern;  say a scarf, mittens or hat or hey... maybe even a chicken. Who knows... the possibilities are endless. The only limit is our imaginations and, oh, that it needs to be made with a single 405 yd skein.
So... to be ever-so clear, we’ll have two patterns per shipment, one sock and one non-sock. Just to keep us all on our cozily-clad toes, it might not be two designers every month, it might be one or maybe a team of two on one pattern and one on the other. Who knows? (Shhh... don’t tell, but I know.)
We’re also going to be sharing more of our process via inspiration mood boards. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now and this is the year. Think of it as a little like the Dyer’s Notes on steroids, but from the entire design team.  

All of this, my fine notorious sock knitting friends, brings us to the other change. I have finally given up the ghost and have enlarged the skeins to 405 yards. I’m sure you got a whiff of this change in the wind last year when a whole bunch of 405 yd skeins showed up in your packages. It wasn’t ‘cause we forgot how to count (although…). Nope, it was me finally conceding that things have changed. We are designing socks now with way more complicated stitch patterns that eat up the yardage. It’s a hard decision to make in an economy like the one we find ourselves in right now, but a necessary one nonetheless.

Which brings us to another change, pricing.

Warning: those of you who are uncomfortable talking about money might want to get some tea. As we all are aware, prices on just about everything are up. Yarn is no different. Yarn prices are sky-rocketing and actually have been for quite awhile. (Don’t get me started.) I expect the same to be true for shipping this year.  We also might lose our beloved Scappoose Post Office, (we’re very sad about this) which would put the trek to get our packages to you farther afield.
Up until this point in time, the annual price increases for the sock club has been minimal. We work really hard to make this so because it’s very important to us that the club is accessible. This year, we’ve had to make a bigger jump, part of this is the extra yardage and part of it is just life. Prices have been raised $15.00 across the board. (Which isn’t that bad if you spread it out over the six shipments…)

All of us here at Chez Rockin’ Sock Club and Blue Moon hope you’ll join us for yet another year of knit adventure. Membership sign-ups open on January 4th. Gift certificates are available for purchase now.

Something new & different is a-foot in 2012!

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September Hint #4

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September Hint #3


Day of mist: day of tarnish

with hands unserviceable, I wait for the milk van

the one-eared cat laps its gray paw

and the coal fire burns

outside, the little hedge leaves are become quite yellow a milk-film blurs the empty bottles on the windowsill

no glory descends

two water drops poise on the arched green stem of my neighbor's rose bush

o bent bow of thorns

the cat unsheathes its claws the world turns

today today I will not disenchant my twelve black-gowned examiners or bunch my fist in the wind's sneer.

Sylvia Plath

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