Information that team BMFA sends out.
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September #2

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July Hint #2

colorful, no?

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May Clue #3


May Clue #2

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It's already 24 days past May Day and we haven't posted any clues about the next shipment.

Our clue machine got a little dizzy while dancing around the May pole. Everything seems to be working fine now...

Twinkle, twinkle, little ???

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Spoiler Alert! (not really)

Here are two little graphical treats for all you Notorious Sock Knitters!




New "Spoiler Alert" images to add to your own blog or Ravelry projects. Making this the first image of a Ravelry project allows you to post something in your notebook without ruining the surprise for any knitter who doesn't want to see that sock.

To use, right-click with your mouse (or on Macs, hold the Control key + click) the image you like and save it to your computer. Add it to your blog or Ravelry project details.


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Hint #1

Ok fasten your seat belts NSK's we're starting this ride right now. Here is hint #1. You'll be getting a hint a day until we ship. I love this part so much!
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Sock Club 2011

Is now open for the bizness of all sock knitting related goodness.

Be still my knitterly heart.

 Time for more coffee maybe with a dash of nervine.

As usual if you run into any problem or have a question or two please don't hesitate to email us. We are here to serve!


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and the winner is...

Actually there are two winners. Actually you're all winners.

Rumplestiltskein is the name that we all like best. It was suggested by both Abby and Sarah Bee at as far as we can tell almost the same moment (not really but too close for us to comfortably call). So we are giving each of them a 2011 sock club membership.

Our runners-up as listed below will all receive a skein of Socks that Rock of their choosing. Any colour. Any weight.

Runners-up (in order of most votes to least):

Mulling It Over (from Knitter Kitter)

Inigo Montoya (from Sarah JS)

Glühwein (from Karen)

Rusty Plums (from Corvidae)

*tie* Steampunk (from Becky) AND Orchre the Rainbow (from Sue)

*tie* Berry Copper (from DianaB) AND Holy Mole! (from MerriW)

Velvet Crush (from Gillian)

To redeem your prize please email with your colour and weight choice along with your address.

Abby and Sarah Bee if you could please email, he will hook you up with your memberships.

Congrats to all of you. You came up with some awesome names. I'm really glad we set the vote to you guys because there is no way I could have chosen.

Thanks for playing.

Today has been quite the Monday after a holiday here. Everything full tilt right out of the box.

Tomorrow is Tuesday the 4th and you know what that means?

SIGN-UPS. Rockin' Sock Club Sign -ups

Sooo exciting. I never sleep this night. It's very exciting and slightly terrifying (we all remember that year. the bank year. I know I do.)

So tomorrow morning at some very special moment it will be live. I'm so excited about January's shipment that I'm having a very hard time not spilling the proverbial beans.

What I can tell you is that our first two designers are brand new to the sock club and they don't know each other but their expertise is in the same area. And they're kind a cute!

ok off to make new colours!

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Name that Skein with No Name Contest.

ETA. The response is so wonderful. We are compiling our list right now.  It is going to be hard, really hard. So hard in fact that I'm quite relieved that you are the ones with the last word on this one.

Look for this tomorrow, say about noonish. 

Thanks for playing these suggestions and thoughts are really quite lovely. Whenever a comment comes through it comes directly to my email. So everyday I get to read a few colour stories.  A treat.

I'm assuming that most of you have received your sock club packages by now, except for our dear Hazel of course.

Just in case:

I'm putting a spoiler button on this post for now just to make sure we don't ruin anyone's surprise.

If you read the the colour band on your yarn and the dyer's notes you know that there is some excitement afoot.

So...what is the name of this colourway?

This go around that is your job. Tell us what you think this skein with no name should be called and then tell us why. You can be short and to the point, or wax tonally poetic about your inspiration for the name you're submiitng. You have until December 17th to decide.  

Your job won't stop there. We have to pick a winner, right? You know how hard a time I have with that aspect of this and since we're all in this Rockin' Sock Club thing together, I'm going to ask you notorious sock knitters to decide.

Team Blue Moon and I will pick a few (a depravedDyer needs her secrets) and then we'll ask you to vote.

One lucky winner will receive a RSC 2011 membership. And because I'm me, we'll also give yarny type prizes out for the runners-up.

So... I believe that outlines all the details pretty clearly.

Be creative, have fun!!!!!




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