Rockin' Sock Club 2017 Gift Certificate - Canada


Give the gift of a Rockin' Sock Club 2017 Membership to a knitter you love. Making a knitter happy makes the world a better place!

This is the Canadian package. Is this the one you want? If you live in the US or abroad (International) or your recipient does, then this is not the one you want. You can find your appropriate package on the purchase page.

Gift certificates can be redeemed starting January 2, 2017. (Information for redeeming them is in the confirmation email and on our FAQs page.)

Note: Recipient will be automatically sent a confirmation email upon purchase. Email will contain a link to return to this site after January 2, 2017 to activate their membership using the gift certificate credit in their account.

As stated above, when you purchase a gift certificate a confirmation email, with a redemption code, is immediately sent to the email address associated with the account. Since this is a gift and you might not want your loved one (recipient) to get the confirmation email and ruin your surprise, you'll need to enter your email address instead of theirs. Unfortuanately, this then creates the, "How does the recipient redeem the gift certificate?" issue. Please see: Redeeming Gift Certificate Under Someone Else's Account in the FAQs section of this site.

Price: $300.00