Sock Club Guidelines

Note: The following guidelines only apply to the purchase of Rockin' Sock Club Memberships and gift certificates. You will need to check the "I agree" box at checkout to complete your order, even if you are purchasing a gift certificate.

Members agree not to sell any portion of the Rockin’ Sock Club® on Ebay, Ravelry or anywhere else to non-sock club members for a full year. What this means exactly is that we do not sell, and ask the same of you, March 2019's kit until March of 2020, a full year. Your fellow Notorious Sock Club members are paying a premium for an exclusive product. Blue Moon honors this agreement, and we ask that you do too. Please wait until 2020 to sell any portion of your 2019 club packages. As stated above, you are welcome to sell or trade with other club members at any point during the current Sock Club year.

There are many club members who want the surprise of opening their package and seeing in person what that shipment is. Please take care in posting any content that would give this away; we have supplied spoiler buttons just for this issue.

If there are errors in packaging or shipping, we ask that you bring them directly to us at

We start the shipping process in the last week of every other month starting in January, March, May, July, September and the last shipment is in November. International and Canadian packages take longer to reach their destinations so they leave first.

If you have any problem with your yarn or kit, please contact us at the above email addy so we can correct this for you. If we don't know you have a problem then we can't fix it.

We put the Sock Club colors up on the Blue Moon website (in the special RSC area) a few days after the kit ships so that you can purchase extra skeins if you so desire or purchase a fave colourway in other yarns.

All game and contest rules are posted on the website or in the Dyer’s Notes. Please read all rules and directions carefully so you do not miss out on any of the fun.

We ask that you keep your account updated. If you move during the year, please update your shipping information before the next shipment goes out. If you need help with this, please contact us.

Our customer service department is available to help you with any issues you might have either through the blog, by email at If you would like to talk to one of us please email and we can set up a phone date. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you. Your knit happiness is our job!

Note: Before purchasing, please take a minute to consider very carefully about whether or not a Sock Club that chooses the yarn, pattern, and color is right for you. We promise to challenge your color boundaries and expand your sock knitting horizons.

If all the above looks good to you, then Welcome dear knitter to the Rockin’ Sock Club. We are thrilled you have decided to join us.

You are officailly a Notorious Sock Knitter!